Tuesday, 10 July 2012


My next android application is called - USpeak

The link to the application in the android market is -

This application mainly converts users speech to text,
then the user can just hit the send button and send the message fast !!

It is especially useful in cases when one wants to send quick messages,
but want to save the trouble of texting.

In this application -

1.) First enter a number or open the address book to pick from contact list.

2.) Press the speak button, this is the tool that requires internet connection. A microphone image will be   displayed and tell you to Speak now

3.) Now speak your message loudly and with clarity, if you spoke properly the message will appear in the box.

4.) Press Send to send the message !!

The starting screen

After pressing speak button

Saying Hello !!

Sending the message 

Monday, 9 July 2012

1. Check Your BMI

I have developed an android application - Check My BMI. This android application checks ones body mass index, and body mass index is calculated to know ones body fat percentage.

This is my first android application created using app inventor

above is the link to the app, published in the android market

Steps -
To check your bmi
1.)Just enter the weight in the first box in Kilograms.

2.)Enter your height in Meters in the second box

3.)Click on calculate button

4.)To clear the values just shake your phone slightly

The Initial look of the Application

If BMI is in green, you are Healthy

BMI is in grey, you are underweight

I will continue to develop more android applications and continue to post here